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Google Analytics

Installing Google Analytics is one thing but knowing how to use this powerful tool to its full potential requires unique know-how and experience. That’s where we come in.

Analyzing the Traffic on Your Website to Perform Better

When you look through your Google Analytics account, you will get insight on the number of visitors on your website, the average time they spent on your website, and a variety of other interesting information. But what comes next?

Google Analytics is much more than a simple analysis tool. For SEO specialists like the ones at Vortex Solution, it’s a wealth of information that gives them insight into finding the right way to develop an efficient and proven conversion strategy. We know how to interpret the data gathered from Analytics and translate it into actions that will yield results. With Analytics, we will strive to find the reasons behind why visitors leave your website after having visited one specific page, why they don’t visit your Contact page, why contact forms are not filled out, etc. Our answers will shed light on issues that need to be resolved to improve your website’s performance.

Google Analytics
for Calculating Your Return on Investment

In addition to analyzing your website’s traffic, Google Analytics allows you to calculate and get a concrete sense of your return on investment from Google Ads or Facebook Ads, for instance. You will know if what you invested is superior to what you earned, how much your ads cost vs. how much they bring in, and more. With this valuable information, our specialists can optimize and adjust your strategy, if needed, for maximum profitability.

Google Analytics Training

If you are an analyst at heart and prefer reading and interpreting data on Google Analytics yourself, a Vortex Solution SEO specialist is available to offer you custom training.

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