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Android Applications

Android Applications

Google Android is the new mobile platform that consists of a variety of softwares intended for mobile devices, and which includes an operating system and a middleware that enable direct phone application usage. Make Vortex Solution Montreal and Toronto your main Android application developer in Canada.

The Android platform has been thought out for developers such as Vortex Solution in order to create innovative mobile applications that take advantage of the many possibilities a web-connected device can offer.

The increasing use of customized mobile phones by companies, thanks to Google Android mobile applications, is quite obvious in today's market. Worldwide companies use mobile applications for advertising purposes in their business environment. Vortex Solution is an Android application editor and developer. Our enterprising team of over 100 employees meets fast-growing mobile application market requirements, not to mention we provide direct service for our mobile users' requests.

Vortex Solution provides specific development services for the Android platform. Our mobile phone specialists have a renowned experience and an established expertise in mobile application development because of their use of Java language and Android SDKs. We also have an acute sense of mobile devices portability.

Developed Android applications by Vortex Solution are available on Google Market.


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