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Please note that despite the exceptional conditions caused by the situation surrounding COVID-19, Vortex Solution remains fully operational through teleworking and its servers are fully functional. Access to our offices is suspended until April 14, 2020, as per the government's request.

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Proven ColdFusion Expertise

ColdFusion Since the foundation of our web agency, we’ve carried out over 3,000 ColdFusion projects, giving us well-recognised expertise in our field. Our team of web developers and programmers can tackle an Adobe ColdFusion project from scratch, finish off a web project or provide technical support in terms of coding.

Whether your project consists in developing a website, an intranet, a sophisticated app, an e-commerce platform, a security audit or other, we’re all ears! Contact us today to discuss your ideas further.

Here is an overview of what we can offer:

  • HTML to PDF conversion
  • Security code analyzer
  • Arsenal V CMS
  • Boutique B?e-commerce module
  • ColdFusion version upgrade
  • Secure and scalable HTML5 websockets
  • API development
  • Mass mailing module
  • Connection of online payment module
  • Custom programming
  • Form programming
  • Mass file storage module
  • Online book sale module
  • Online basket module
  • Integration of ColdFusion applications with other web applications
  • Enterprise infrastructure: Deploy ColdFusion as an EAR or WAR from within your existing Java EE application servers. Send emails using the email engine
  • Microsoft Office file interoperability: Vortex Solution is also a Microsoft partner
  • Powerful search with Apache Solr: Support for 17 additional languages
  • Development or implementation of data import handler
  • Extensive database support
  • Web services support and expertise

Browse our portfolio to see some of the ColdFusion projects our team has worked on. Feel free to contact us for more information. We will gladly answer any question you might have.

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