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Please note that despite the exceptional conditions caused by the situation surrounding COVID-19, Vortex Solution remains fully operational through teleworking and its servers are fully functional. Access to our offices is suspended until April 14, 2020, as per the government's request.

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Hosting ColdFusion

Vortex Solution has been using ColdFusion technology since 1999 and is an official Adobe partner. We offer a high-quality turnkey hosting service for your site and its components (CMS, database, etc.). Your site will be hosted locally, on Canadian soil, and staff working in our offices will provide technical support.

Affordable price
Customized webmail accounts
Spam filtering at the server level
Virus check in each mailbox
Quality technical support
Unlimited bandwidth

Turnkey formula

We take care of the registration and transfer of domain names, the creation and management of your email accounts, the online launch of your website, as well as the security and monitoring of your web hosting.

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Shared hosting

Shared hosting is an ideal solution to enjoy an affordable and completely secure service. Each of our servers hosts a defined number of websites, thus reducing our customers' hosting costs. Our shared hosting packages give you the opportunity to benefit from the most basic functions while ensuring efficient and simple management.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is the ideal option for websites with high traffic or requiring special configuration. The dedicated hosting package provides the user with one or more dedicated servers (as required), offering a more complete and personalized freedom of administration and management.

Semi-dedicated hosting

Semi-dedicated hosting is a middle option between shared and dedicated hosting. With this type of hosting, only five sites share a single dedicated server. This solution is ideal for medium-sized sites. Our consultants will be happy to analyze your site, its traffic and needs to determine if this type of hosting is right for you.

Dedicated + hosting

Our dedicated + hosting service includes two dedicated servers: a server for your website and a server for your database. To find out more about the terms and conditions of this service and the different technological configurations available, do not hesitate to contact us; we will gladly assist you.

Cloudflare Protection Service

Vortex Solution is a certified Cloudflare partner. Cloudflare filters all requests made to your site so that it is never put in direct contact with hackers. Also, the Cloudflare network benefits from fast channels that accelerate the distribution of information and data relating to your site. Contact us to discover all the advantages of Cloudflare protection.

Our philosophy

Trust our technical team to manage your web hosting. If your company does not have the knowledge and resources to take over the administration of your server, you can rely on our hosting services to do the job for you. Our packages allow you to manage all your Web needs under one plan, which includes the administration and complete management of your web hosting. Focus your efforts on your activities and let us take care of your web presence.

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