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Technical Support

Through Our Partner, EMTI

EMTI Solutions inc.

EMTI Solutions meets companies' management, development, support and safety of computer systems' needs. EMTI aims humanization of business relations. It uses its team's expertise in order to achieve client satisfaction as well as concrete results.

EMTI, Proud Partner of Vortex Solution

What makes the partnership between EMTI Solutions and Vortex Solution a success is firstly the mutual confidence in the services offered by both our companies. Then, it is the deep desire to provide our clients with a network of collaborators that deliver concrete and reliable results. Finally, it is our philosophies, which place customer service at the top of our priorities, which make the great success of the partnership between EMTI and Vortex.

A Reliable Team to Support Your Computer Systems

All-Inclusive Technical Support Plan

The heterogeneity of information systems and the sustained rhythm of technological evolution are driving companies to call upon external skilled professionals for permanent or temporary assistance. In this context, EMTI offers its clients support and computer maintenance plans that give them quick access to competent professionals.

These plans guarantee a personalized service, centered on evolution and proactivity. Furthermore, they enable the development of quality service and control provided to users while ensuring budgetary control of computer maintenance and technical support costs.

The expertise of EMTI Solutions Inc. is centered on the following key-elements:

  • Knowledge of computer science heritage
  • Precise identification of users' needs
  • Management of technical evolution and changes
  • Customer service quality and control
  • Budgetary control

Servers, Computers and Software

Profitability and Reliability

Reliability, safety and simplicity! Our products were developed for small or medium-sized businesses. They help them reduce costs, increase productivity and protect data.

Whether it be servers, computers, software or peripherals, we offer the majority of products available on the market, from Microsoft products (Exchange, SQL, MS Dynamics, SBS, Terminal Server…) to Acronis, Norton, Sage, SAP, IBM, Dell, Cisco, Netgear, Intel, Sony products... We work hard in order to offer you the products best adapted to your needs and budget.

Systems Integration and Consulting Service

The flexibility of our approach combined with the extensive experience of our specialists enable our clients to use technologies as an efficient vector of business transformation. EMTI delivered many advisory mandates with regard to the assessment of infrastructure technology, network engineering, operations optimization with technologies, safety of information systems… In such a situation, we apply ourselves to obtaining concrete and efficient results with the ultimate objective of improving your company's competitive advantages.

Choosing EMTI is not choosing a team; it's choosing your team!

The Safety of Information Systems

The safety of information systems regroups the technical, organizational, legal and human means necessary and implemented in order to maintain, restore and guarantee the safety of the information as well as of the information system. At all times, we apply ourselves to developing a safety strategy and implementing the means that are located in your balance zone, between an acceptable risk and a reasonable cost.

EMTI Solutions inc.

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