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Conversion rate optimization

Get real results and maximize online conversions based on your objectives

Your conversion rate refers to the percentage of web users that have taken concrete action upon visiting your website compared to the total number of visitors. Knowing that this type of audience is volatile and that it can get restless, you have only a few seconds to convince a visitor to keep browsing your website. The suggested navigation path should also prompt users to take concrete action in just a few clicks.

By optimizing your platform's conversion rate, you will obtain tangible results, regardless of your objectives:

  • Attracting more in-store customers
  • Receiving more requests for quotes or service calls
  • Increasing appointment bookings
  • Recruiting new staff
  • Engaging in online sales

Is your website optimized?

Vortex Solution works in close partnership with its clients to help increase their website's conversion rate. In marketing terms, this optimization results in a wide range of factors that can be assessed and adjusted in order to enhance your platform's performance.

Make sure that all calls-to-action on your website's homepage are clear. Properly direct your web visitors and maximize your conversion rate.

Your website must be credible. A web platform's credibility is not a simple matter of having a polished design. It also lies in the clarity and relevancy of its content. Your website is the right place to show your area of expertise.

Get web users to enter your website through a specialized page. One of the key trends in today's practices is to get web users to automatically enter a website without going through the homepage. For this to happen, each page must have improved specialized content. Your visitors will land on the page that applies directly to the subject of their query on search engines. As a result, they will be more likely to respond to calls-to-action. This strategy significantly helps to obtain a better conversion rate and improve returns on investment.

Choose from our conversion rate optimization services:

Google Analytics

As an official Google partner, we use their Analytics module to measure actions on your website in order to provide strategies tailored to your project.

Website evaluation and user experience

Our UX experts will analyze your website to ensure optimal site navigation as well as increase and maximize conversion rate according to your specific objectives.

Usability testing

We perform usability tests to evaluate the efficiency of your website from a conversion point of view. We look for areas that can be improved to convert more users into clients.

Landing page design

We specialize in creating content that fosters conversions on your website. We create internal and external landing pages that optimize conversion and helps measure the impact of your web marketing campaigns.

Optimal web traffic source

We use a variety of efficient methods to bring in and generate traffic on your website (marketing campaigns, web banners, affiliate programs, e-mail marketing campaigns, social networks, traditional advertising, organic SEO). It is very important to identify the source of traffic for each type of conversion and to measure the acquisition cost of each action that you undertake on your website. This allows us to get a clear idea of the return on investment that is delivered with each web marketing initiative.

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