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Emailing (Excluding Spam)

Vortex Solution's entirely Web mass mailing solution Abrizo enables you to easily create HTML emails, newsletters, official statements, advertisements as well as to personalize HTML emails. It is perfect for companies who wish to personalize their clients' emails, their newsletters, notices, Internet campaigns as well as other essential information (spam is not accepted on our servers.) This Web marketing solution is available exclusively for Vortex Solution's clients. It offers large-scale solutions for companies like yours who wish to personalize their mass emails.

Summary specifications of the massive emailing Web tool and of the emailing service:

  • Automated HTML editor
  • Complete control of the message's content and appearance in HTML or text format using standard templates
  • Mailing list manager
    • massive list downloading
  • Possibility of multilists
  • Statistics managers (find out what attracts your email recipients' attention thanks to statistics reports so that you are able to better target their interests)
    • number of sent emails
    • number of opened emails
    • number of opened links
  • Opened links
  • Manage list withdrawals
  • Manage lists' spelling mistakes
  • Manage list withdrawals in an ethical manner
  • Available mailing statistics and measurement tool in real time on the Web
    • who received the email
    • who opened the email
    • who clicked on the link
  • Preview test
    • validation of proper functioning
    • validation by test email
    • validation of HTML codifications
  • On-screen preview
  • Registration and registration withdrawal forms for your Website
  • Possibility of linking with a viral marketing module see an example

Screenshot of the emailing tool


Minimum pricing (as of September 2007) subject to change without notice


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