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Mass mailing solution

Vortex Solution is an HTML bulk e-mail and mailing list application for companies, e-zine publishers, and professionals, as well as for individuals, for communicating with customers, subscribers, and other e-mail contacts effectively. You will be able to design rich-HTML e-mails and newsletters easily and deliver personalized HTML e-mail messages to your customer base and mailing lists with your Vortex Solution Advanced Emailer Abrizo system . Among the key features are email merge, WYSIWYG HTML composing, built-in SMTP server, bounce and unsubscribe processing, fast email delivery, Unicode and international character sets support, database connectivity, Microsoft Exchange Server support, and ease-of-use.

The Vortex Solution for communicating quickly and reliably with your customer base and your subscribers by email. When you need to let them know you have a new product or a special promotion, it is very tiresome to call or email each and every one of them individually.

If your customer database is large, even such an obvious task as sending the invoices or tracking the packages sent by mail, could become a major problem. Vortex Solution Abrizo Advanced Emailer gives you a compact and fast solution to all those and other problems that can arise when you are actively communicating with your customers.

Vortex Solution Advanced Emailer system Abrizo will completely automate such tasks as:

  • Notifying your existing customers and subscribers about new products and promotions
  • Sending a daily or weekly newsletter to your subscribers and many more
  • Automatically mailing invoices and tracking numbers to online customers

Multithreading - Vortex Abrizo Emailer utilizes a windows multithreading technology so whenever a new email message is generated, one of the available threads (user can specify the number of threads standing by) will grab the message and send it.

Multiple SMTP Servers - When you send mail messages, they usually go through an SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) Server, that is located on your Internet Provider. If you are like most regular users, your Internet Provider gives you just one SMTP server. This should be more than enough for most uses, but in cases where you need to send large amounts of emails out fast, for example, when you need to deliver financial information bulletin to your users, you might want to consider sending it through more than one Server. This way you will reduce the load on each individual server and cut your send time proportionally. Advanced Emailer allows you to specify any number of connections and manages an even distribution of load automatically. It will drop some connections as necessary, if part of the servers are not responding or busy.

Standard Message formats - Vortex Abrizo Emailer allows you to create a message in all popular formats used today. You can create a plain text, HTML or even use Microsoft Outlook Express, to generate a rich media content message, or to cut and paste a web page.

Removing duplicates - Sometimes you will get the same email address more than once for one customer. To avoid sending multiple messages to that customer, you will need to scan your lists regularly for the duplicate emails. Advanced Emailer automates that feature and lets you do it with one push of a button. It will even check if all the rest of the information for that customer is different in two places, and merge them into one complete record.

Filtering - Not all customers are equal, some want to get certain promotions and newsletters, others want to receive something else. How will you manage who gets what? Advanced Emailer comes with a set of filters that allow you to enable or disable particular users in the list just before you do the actual sending. Using this feature, you can temporarily disable some users that decided not to get that particular type of correspondence, and then re-enable them at a later time. This way you don't need to create a separate list for each mailing thus avoiding a maintenance nightmare that would have otherwise been created.

Scheduled send - When you need to send your postings at certain predefined times (for example a daily newsletter). You can use Vortex Abrizo Emailer's schedule facility. It allows you to set multiple time intervals for sending mailings so you can fully control the times when it happens. Moreover, when the schedule turns sending off, you can manually override it to continue the sending or stop it completely.

Macro substitution - This feature will help you create customized and personalized messages for your users. Each individual message sent out will be created and packaged from the database, so that you can address your users by name, or even create an invoice to the user specifying their balance.

This software is designed for proper business purpose; you can use it to send emails to your regsitered customers. But you must not use it to send out spam messages .

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