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Ordre des dentistes du Québec: New WordPress website designed by Vortex Solution

The mission of the Ordre des dentistes du Québec (ODQ) is to protect the public by ensuring the quality of dental care. Its primary actions are to promote access to oral health care and the importance of oral health in the context of overall wellness. As its website is the central point of its digital ecosystem, the ODQ asked Vortex Solution to develop a one-stop portal for factual information, news and updates about the dental profession in Québec, as well as a service center dedicated exclusively to its members.

Relying on innovative technological solutions, our team created a custom WordPress site that is completely secure, fully manageable and evolvable. The user experience is optimal thanks to an efficient architecture and a dynamic and powerful search engine, allowing intuitive navigation and easy access to the information sought. The platform has a modern and efficient design, supported by UX best practices.

Vortex Solution is very proud of the results of this major project, which involved all of its production departments. The results of this project demonstrate teamwork based on collaboration and respect, values that our organization upholds. We invite you to visit the ODQ website at