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Google Analytics

More than 10 members of the Vortex Solution team have their Google Analytics certification. A tool like Google Analytics allows us to analyze your website’s data and quantify the performance of each web page. Following this, we will be able to come up with the best strategy to enhance your online presence thanks to the in-depth understanding we acquired about the traffic and user behaviour on your website. Such data is an undeniable asset in the online world because it contributes to making your website successful from a marketing standpoint. To get there, our specialists use different tools, including dashboards and attribution modeling.


Dashboards help our specialists monitor the traffic on your website and provide you with insightful statistics that are crucial to your business development simultaneously and from all your accounts. Our specialists will then analyze your reports and focus their attention on search engine optimization and media placement to improve your website’s performance and enhance your brand. Our analysis covers the following aspects:

  • How many visitors access your website and through which sources
  • How many pages they visit and how long they stay on each one of them
  • How they use the website and the paths they take
  • The strategy that attracts more qualified visitors
  • How to bring in more online sales, reservations or contact requests

Attribution modeling

Attribution modeling is one of the online audience analysis tools implemented when choosing a web marketing strategy. This tool allows our specialists to assess the profitability of your marketing channels to help you reach your goals. With your online needs in mind, our specialists will come up with a strategy for boosting your visibility with a specific audience by combining tried-and-tested marketing products.

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Google Analytics

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