Career Planète Vortex Solution

Bilingual Web Project Manager (F/E)

Type of position: Permanent

Schedule: Full time (37.5h/week)

Key responsabilities

  • Make good use of the management tools available and keep project details up to date with weekly statuses
  • Plan and assign tasks with planning processes, and make sure all parties have what they need to perform their work
  • Delegate tasks accordingly and fully utilize all talent and material resources available
  • Understand and address the risks identified in the project
  • Work effectively with management
  • Understand and gather all the information required to launch the project and linking them to the client’s business needs
  • Commit to ensuring the project’s success and implement solutions to overcome challenges related to project constraints effectively
  • Perform project plans
  • Establish a working and collaborating relationship with the client. Guide the client through the project, every step of the way
  • Take the necessary measures to carry out the project as cost-effectively as possible
  • Make sure quality, business objectives and client satisfaction are met for each project delivered


We honestly care less about your education than about your solid experience as a web project manager, preferably in an agency, or another fast-paced, multi-clients environment


Two years’ experience as Web Project Manager or 3 to 5 years’ related experience with a strong web component, , preferably in an agency, or another fast-paced, multi-clients environment

Essential Technical Skills

Very good understanding of web 2.0 concepts, web architecture and social networks
Excellent knowledge of project planning processes
Excellent knowledge of project management tools
Good knowledge of quality assurance processes
Good understanding of Microsoft Office

Essential General Skills

  • Bilingual (French and English). You will need a strong professional-level French proficiency to work and succeed here. If you’re fluent enough to be interviewed in French, that’s a good start.
  • Very good oral and written communication
  • Excellent priority management skills
  • Strong client experience
  • Great learning ability
    Great interest for web technologies and social networks


  • Good knowledge of application development process
  • Knowledge of WordPress
  • Experience in analyzing business processes

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