Planète Vortex Solution

Development of a new transactional website for Prefair

Prefair, a Québec-based company specialized in the retail and wholesale of military surplus, tactical equipment and safety clothing for the workplace, needed a new transactional and bilingual website. Vortex Solution was mandated to carry out this project, and the results are now online.

Although the focus of the project was the creation of a new website, the transactional aspect and the management of products are components that we are proud of. Given their exceptional number, our programming team has developed a complete product catalog management tool, including the management of inventory and prices. Importing numerous products and validating their functionality, especially since the API is external, was a challenge that the Vortex team managed to overcome. The entire team naturally respected its high-quality standards, notably regarding the intuitive navigation and the high level of security of the website.

Vortex Solution is very proud of the results of this project that demonstrated, among other things, our value of transparency. The honest and thorough communication with the client is a great example of this value within the Vortex team.  We invite you to visit the new Prefair transactional site at