Planète Vortex Solution

Graphic redesign for Maison de la Course’s website

April 2012 is when the Maison de la Course opens, slowly but surely building its place in the specialized jogging market in Quebec. Its expertise, as well as its strong branding, set it apart in the industry. In May 2020, the Maison de la Course decides to take the digital turn.

The Maison de la Course’s wish was to have a brand new website that would reflect its strong branding, and that would give them the possibility to engage in e-commerce. It was imperative to keep the personalized approach of the community marketing that Maison de la Course built over the years. Vortex Solution made them an up-to-date, dynamic website, that reflects their corporate identity and personalized approach. Vortex Solution is very proud to be part of the success of this company.

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