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Jeux d’été d’Olympiques spéciaux Québec: A pro bono project that mobilized our team!

There are those partnerships that naturally develop around a common social mission, and this one between Vortex Solution and the Jeux d’été d’Olympiques spéciaux Québec – Longueuil, Boucherville et Saint-Lambert 2022’s team is a perfect example!

When we were informed of the project as well as the organization’s mission, which is to enrich, through sports, the lives of people living with an intellectual disability, and thus facilitate their social integration, the team quickly mobilized in order to not only welcome the project pro bono, but above all to offer the most efficient solutions suited to the challenges and expectations related to the project.

For the past few years, the implementation of sports activities has proven to be an extremely enriching experience on the physical aspect for our Vortex employees, but even more so on the creation of a team spirit and the positive psychological benefits that they bring. It is in this spirit that we took part in the project: by perceiving the whole thing as a challenge that will allow us to outdo ourselves while tightening the bonds that unite us! This project has really brought us together on another level and we are very grateful and humbled to have been able to support the noble mission of the Jeux d’été d’Olympiques spéciaux Québec – Longueuil, Boucherville et Saint-Lambert 2022.

The creation of the site required approximately 200 hours of work involving the various departments of our team, renowned for its expertise, including SEO, design, programming, integration and quality control. The synergy resulting from our actions on this project was exceptional and outstanding. It contributed to the development of a website in harmony with the values, the mission and the vision of this organization whose team places the well-being of people with intellectual disabilities at the forefront of its own reality.

Vortex Solution invites you to appreciate the various functions implemented within the scope of this project, but especially wishes to attract your attention to the importance of the values, mission and vision of this organization whose actions contribute to the full recognition of the rights of people living with an intellectual disability: