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Launch of Oziko’s transactional website and of the landing page for Harmonium Symphonique’s musical project “Histoires sans paroles”

Vortex Solution is pleased to announce the launch of Oziko’s transactional online shop, which proudly features Harmonium Symphonique’s “Histoires sans paroles” among its projects.

“Histoires sans paroles” revisits Harmonium’s masterful work in symphonic mode. Co-produced by Serge Fiori and under the direction of conductor and orchestrator Simon Leclerc, the music on the 143-minute album is performed by musicians from l’Orchestre symphonique de Montréal (OSM).

The Harmonium Symphonique project marks the kick-off of Oziko’s transactional boutique. The album “Histoires sans paroles” is available in four formats: CD, box set, vinyl and downloadable material.

Visit the Harmonium Symphonique page at to listen to an excerpt from the album “Histoires sans paroles”. To purchase the album, visit the Oziko shop today at