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New additions for Sutton Quebec

As our first major client, we are proud of working with Sutton Quebec. For two decades we have had the opportunity to deliver over a dozen web projects. This company has always been focused on digital innovation.

For 2021, Sutton Quebec wanted to revamp the mobile version of its website to offer a better customer experience. The mobile search engine now displays the new properties in a slider and shows the Platinum category according to the geolocation of the device.

We also display suggested properties based on the users’ search history. The new features also include an improved iconography that gives access to more search filters. The site’s evolution was based on an in-depth analysis of the customer journey in the real estate world.

This analysis, based on several million visits per month, allowed our UX team to present a much-improved version of the site. Sutton Quebec also wanted to highlight the Sutton Spirit, which demonstrates the commitment of Sutton franchisees, managers and brokers within their communities.

To take a peek at the Sutton Quebec broker’s website update, go to