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New graphic rehaul for Déco Surfaces

Déco Surfaces has been working in the flooring and decoration field for more than 40 years. With over 70 merchants to its credit, Déco Surfaces is officially the largest group of retailers in Eastern Canada.

Déco Surfaces wanted to have a new refreshed look for their website. Now equipped with an ever expanding transactional website, the company wanted to combine this component with a new, more refined, classic and modern image. In business with Vortex Solution for 10 years now, Déco Surfaces turned to us to make their graphic rehaul a reality. The teamwork between Déco Surfaces and Vortex Solution led to a website with a refreshed, attractive and contemporary design, offering an enhanced user experience as well as a login to an external tool that allows customers to see the products selected in the room of their choice.

Go to to see the Vortex Solution’s work on the Déco Surfaces website.