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New website signed Vortex Solution for SUCO

The international cooperation organization SUCO exists since 1961. Their goal and mission is to bring together the actors of change, to ensure that the social, economic and environmental conditions of women, men and children they support in Nicaragua, Honduras, Haiti, Peru and Burkina Faso are improved.

Suco and Vortex Solution worked together to create a website which aims to collect donations, find new partners and volunteers as well as promote their mission. Suco wanted to shine a light on the humans behind the organization, and wanted to use the new website as a tool to maximize their action and communication campaigns.

Vortex Solution has met Suco’s expectations by creating a website that is based on strong storytelling that demonstrates the real impact of Suco’s projects, and that is linked to the different communication platforms (newsletter, fundraising app) and recruitment tools already used by Suco.

To visit Suco’s new website made by Vortex Solution, go to