Planète Vortex Solution

The OPTMQ presents a restructured website and a new visual image produced by Vortex Solution

The first mission of the Ordre professionnel des technologistes médicaux du Québec (OPTMQ) is to protect the public by controlling the practice of the profession by its members. The OPTMQ acts as the promoter and guardian of the medical technologist profession in Quebec.

The OPTMQ asked Vortex Solution to carry out a complete overhaul of their website. Thanks to Vortex Solution’s web design, the OPTMQ now has a more attractive, dynamic and responsive website, which corresponds to their new image. Vortex Solution also added a member access, and restructured the website, notably by creating an extensive Documentation and Publications page. Thanks to Vortex Solution’s team, the OPTMQ now has a website that reflects its new image, is more accessible and easy to use for their members and the public. Vortex Solution wants to thank the OPTMQ for their trust.

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