Planète Vortex Solution

A web rehaul for EntreChefs PME

Formerly known as Groupement des chefs d’entreprise, EntreChefs PME is the first French-speaking network for CEOs and entrepreneurs to share experiences. Thanks to its collaborative approach, the organization helps members learn from each other’s experiences. This non-profit organization counts 2,000 members across Quebec, Switzerland, Belgium, France and New Brunswick.

EntreChefs PME wanted a new website that would mainly appeal to entrepreneurs and SME owners while attracting new members and experts. Vortex Solution developed an inspiring and engaging website reflecting EntreChefs PME’s new branding and name change. The website puts the emphasis on the people behind the organization and demonstrates their vitality and commitment, in Quebec and internationally. With its new design, the website helps EntreChefs PME to promote its expertise while informing the general public of its news and events.

Visit today to see the new EntreChefs PME website.