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Vortex Solution enhanced Raufoss’ branding on its website

A division of Neuman Aluminium, Raufoss is a global manufacturer of aluminium components for the automotive industry. With a team of 2,400 employees and a wealth of cumulative experience spanning 200 years, the company has built a name for itself thanks to its employees’ unparalleled know-how and leading-edge expertise.

Raufoss entrusted Vortex Solution with enhancing its web branding by adding design and functional elements to show the synergy of its team and humanize its branding. As soon as visitors enter the site, they can attest to the company’s professionalism and put a face to the team members through an integrated video occupying a central position on the home page. In addition, photo and video carousels have been added to other sections of the site to showcase career opportunities and corporate culture. The “Careers” page has been redesigned to provide a more accessible view of job opportunities and streamline the application process.

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