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WordPress 6.0 Arrival: What Does It Mean?

The WordPress conceptualization of Gutenberg (version 5.0) will soon be brought to its second phase (version 6.0). In this context, Vortex Solution is proud to have succeeded in adapting, as soon as Gutenberg became a native content editor for WordPress, its methods for building personalized sites using the nested block system.

With WordPress version 6.0 (named Arturo) bringing many improvements to the complete editing of sites, blocks and global styles, our team has clearly made a strategic choice that will benefit our customers. Indeed, it is thanks to this decision that the transition will be made in a harmonious way for your sites!

Some improvements to the body of WordPress have been implemented in this new version for web accessibility, but additional programming work is still required to meet the WAG A, AA and AAA standards which our team has all the skills for.

For the Pro Devs:

  • Optimized performance, with improved cache usage at multiple levels, including taxonomies and navigation menus
  • Increased efficiency for sites with over 1000 users, with improved queries and user counts
  • Ability to export theme changes (in Full Site Editing mode)
  • Improved metadata management in the Media Library
  • Enhanced filters on MySQL queries

Do you have a WordPress site for which we are responsible?

Contact us so that our maintenance team can take care of everything required for you to take full advantage of the new features of WordPress version 6.0. As you know, updating your WordPress site means being vigilant. The maintenance service we offer for our sites is therefore the most efficient option so that you can keep managing yours with peace of mind!

Did you know…

Each new version of WordPress is named after a jazz musician? Indeed, in the case of version 6.0, the name Arturo is a tribute to the famous jazz musician Arturo O’Farril!