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Protection and Management of Personal Information Policy

Vortex is committed to the protection and security of your personal information. With your consent, Vortex Solution collects and stores some of your personal information. We use it for specific and legitimate purposes and for a specific period. We have put measures in place to protect them.

You have the right to access and correct the personal information we hold and to withdraw your consent to its use at any time.

See the following sections to learn more.

Vortex Solution hosts its website and uses Google Analytics for analysis purposes to improve its content, its campaigns, and the navigability of its website.

When you visit our site, Google Analytics collects certain specific information such as your IP address and certain information that we only have access to in an anonymized form compiled with the data of other users, such as your browser or your device.

You may refer to the Google Privacy Policy for more details.

When you write to, we collect your email address along with any information you choose to include in your message. We use it to assess the subject of your request, direct it to the right person and communicate with you. We keep your message for the time necessary to process it adequately and offer you additional services, for a maximum of 2 years.

Cookies are files saved on your device from a website, which allow your browser to interact with the site. Vortex Solution uses the Byscuit cookie manager which allows you to customize which data you agree to share with us and let us use to improve your experience on our website.

Necessary cookies: Necessary cookies ensure basic functions of the website. Without them, our site cannot function as intended. These cookies do not store any personally identifiable data. If you do not consent to our collecting of necessary cookies, please do not browse the Vortex Solution website. For all other cookies, you can consent or not to their use.

Functional cookies: Functional cookies enable certain functionalities such as sharing website content on social media platforms, collecting comments, preferred location, and other third-party functionalities.

Analytical cookies: Analytical cookies are used to understand how visitors interact with the website. These cookies help provide information about the number of visitors, bounce rate, traffic source, etc.

Performance cookies: Performance cookies are used to understand and analyze key performance indicators of the website, which helps provide a better user experience for visitors.

Advertising cookies: Advertising cookies are used to provide visitors with personalized advertisements based on previously visited pages and analyze the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

Our cookie manager stores authorized cookies for the precise duration set out in the Byscuit consent module, which you can configure according to your preferences.

 Contact and Billing Information

We collect information necessary for the sound financial management of our organization, such as the name and contact information of your internal contacts and your payment information. We keep them for the duration of our collaboration and for a reasonable period thereafter, to allow for an optimal and personalized treatment if you choose to use our services in the future.

We keep payment information for up to 7 years, in compliance with applicable legal and tax provisions.

Management Information for your website content, your hosting service or your web campaign

As part of providing of our services, we may exchange with you, in a secure manner, information such as login details, passwords, personal information to verify the identity of the administrators of your site, etc. This information is used to provide you with a secure and well-functioning website. We retain this information as long as your project is open or the service in question is used, until we receive confirmation that you are no longer using the service or no longer need to share access to it.

Personal information on your website

 If you are already a client of Vortex Solution and the website we built or improved for you is online, you have access to the personal information collected by your site through your content management system. You therefore have access to the details of how your site collects and stores personal information, in order for example to develop your own protection and management of personal information policy.

If your site is not yet online or you would like to obtain this information ahead of a project, contact us at

If you apply to work at Vortex Solution, we use the personal information contained in your CV and your application documents (name, email, telephone number, educational and professional history, etc.) to identify you, analyze whether your profile corresponds to the profile sought, and exchange invitations, information and documents related to the recruitment process.

Only Vortex Solution employees directly involved in your candidate journey have access to the personal information contained in your CV.

We will keep your personal information for a period of two years following its transmission. We will use this to contact you if a position similar to the one you applied for opens during this time.

We have access to who subscribed to our Vortex Solution Facebook and LinkedIn pages (names, profiles, etc.), and we can see how users interact with our posts (comments, shares, views, etc.).

If you visit our website from one of our social media posts, we use certain trackers to judge the impact of our posts and measure the effectiveness of our campaigns.

See the “Visits to our website” section above. To learn more about the privacy policies of our social media, we invite you to consult:

Your personal information is stored in Canada, or in the United States when used by service providers located in the United States (e.g. Google Analytics).

We take the following steps to keep your personal information safe:

  • We have all new team members sign information confidentiality clauses.
  • All recruits are subject to a background check.
  • Our employees complete mandatory cybersecurity training.
  • Our work from home policy contains additional provisions on security and confidentiality standards for any information used in the context of work.
  • We choose recognized and trustworthy service providers, and we sign confidentiality agreements with them when applicable.
  • Our electronic devices are protected by passwords and our internet network by a firewall.
  • Our accounts are secured using multi-factor authentication.

People who work at Vortex have access to your information only for one of the reasons described in this policy. We will never sell your information to an external person or organization.

Any person can, upon request to vie-privé

  • Know and if applicable, consult, the personal information which is or is not held on them
  • Withdraw consent to the use of personal information held about them
  • Correct outdated or inaccurate personal information

The request must clearly indicate that it is a request for access to personal information and provide sufficient information to identify the person and the information sought.

To prevent any fraudulent request, Vortex Solution may take all reasonable measures to validate the identity of the person and reserves the right to refuse to disclose the requested information if the person does not fully collaborate in this validation or doubt remains about their identity.

We also reserve the right to refuse any request clearly formulated in a malicious, excessive, abusive and unjustified manner.

Personal information or confirmation of the absence of personal information will be provided by encrypted email within a reasonable time, not to exceed 60 business days.

Anyone must use our cookie file manager to deactivate non-obligatory cookies when visiting our site. See the “Use of cookies” section for more information.

Vortex Solution’s personal information protection delegate is Cynthia St-Laurent, whom you can contact for the reasons set out in this policy at

This policy was last updated on December 19, 2023. Any changes will be posted immediately on our website, with a mention of the new update date.