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Chambre des Notaires du Québec

Conception of the Portal Website


Design & UX, Development, Programming, Integration, Integration


The main challenge in creating this new site was to organize and present the veritable wealth of information offered online by the CNQ. In addition, to allow members of the Chamber to update their files and consult extensive documentation on their profession in complete security, the integration of a state-of-the-art “Notary Space” was essential.


The CNQ’s new website is full of easily accessible and well catalogued resources and tools to ensure ease of use for visitors to the site. The platform is equipped with powerful search engines offering up-to-date suggestions for popular queries, highly accurate search results from the site’s main categories, and an auto-completion function to simplify the user experience. In terms of structure and functionality, the site’s features include the display of information boxes in the form of carousels, persuasive and effective calls to action, and accordion blocks offering a uniform and structured display of textual contents. The site’s fluid, intuitive and responsive design allows it to be viewed from any mobile device, adapting perfectly to all screen resolutions and enhancing user experience.