Planète Vortex Solution

City of Boucherville

Development of a complete WordPress website


Design & UX, Development, Programming, Integration, Integration


The objective was to rethink the design and layout of the site, all in an effort to improve and facilitate the user experience of citizens. The main challenge of this project was to structure the content of the site and to ensure an intuitive user experience. In order to serve the population properly, the site had to be easy to browse and to find relevant information.


The new website provides a wealth of information on the municipality’s events and leisure activities while also helping citizens find answers to their questions. Among the additions made to the site, an interactive map and a heritage tour are a fun and engaging way for Boucherville residents and visitors to discover or rediscover the municipality’s parks and other attractions in just a few clicks. As web accessibility is one of the main concerns of the city’s administration, the new website allows for keyboard navigation, colour contrast, larger fonts and more, so that everyone can benefit fully and equally from the services offered by the municipality.