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Conseil du patronat du Québec (CPQ)

Website creation


Design & UX, Design, Development, Programming, Web Marketing, Integration, Search Engine Optimization, Référencement naturel

Mandate Objectives

CPQ, which has a highly visible site with a great frequency of publications, needed to keep the rich and useful content of their previous site. We were also challenged to provide CPQ with great adaptability through their management system and the ability to connect to their membership portal later.


CPQ’s new website is full of resources and tools that are easily accessible and well indexed to ensure ease of use for its various audiences. The platform is complemented by a very powerful personalized search engine that organizes the site’s content and allows for optimized accessibility. To ensure that the existing content was present on the new platform, we imported the publications and articles from the old website, ensuring that the formatting was adapted to the new environment. The new CPQ website is a genuine information and sharing platform for its many projects. It has been designed to provide intuitive and simplified access to the required sections. The site will also serve as a service center for CPQ members, providing them with secure access to an area reserved for them.