Projects Planète Vortex Solution


Creation Of a New Website


Prefair is a company specialising in the sale of equipment for workers in various sectors. It offers a complete range of work clothing, as well as tactical apparel, accessories and equipment for professionals. The company also focuses on recreational activities and offers equipment for paintball and airsoft, all designed to meet the highest quality and safety standards.


Design & UX, Quality assurance, Design, Development, Programming, Integration

Mandate Objectives

The Vortex programming team integrated the Harris Ogasys ERP API. A complex, but very effective API that few companies have managed to integrate. As a result, the ERP updates all data in real-time on the website.


To complete a project of this nature, the site architecture was carefully thought out to incorporate the precise elements requested by Prefair while ensuring the seamless operation of complex technical elements. The result is not only a simplified and more efficient customer experience, but also a significant improvement in the performance of the targeted operations. ColdFusion is a highly scalable platform that can handle large volumes of traffic, as is the case with Prefair. This makes it perfect for transactional sites that need to handle thousands of requests in real time.