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Conception of the WordPress Website



Integration, Design & UX, Quality assurance, Design, Development, Programming, Web Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Integration

Mandate Objectives

The main challenge in developing the site was the classification, organization and presentation of the various products offered by the company. The primary objective was to ensure accessibility for both customers and representatives. We also paid particular attention to the management tool, in order to allow the Sunrype team to modify and update all the elements of the site. As for the design, we had to make sure that the developed website respects the brand image of the company and is up to the quality and excellence that are associated with them, and which has evolved since 1946.


Sunrype’s new website is filled with resources and tools that are easily accessible and well indexed to ensure ease of use for its various clienteles. The high-performance search tool that we developed contributes to this accessibility. We have also developed and implemented a complete site management tool so that the updating of the multiple elements of the site, including the product sheets, can be done efficiently and simply by the internal team of the Canadian company. This tool also allows for the management of online coupon options as well as one-time use PINs used by users to enter contests organized by Sunrype.

The fluid and intuitive design, respecting the company’s brand image, allows customers and the Sunrype team to navigate easily among the multitude of information presented.