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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing delivers highly targeted results quickly and allows you to successfully reach prospects showing an interest in your services or products.

Make the Most of What SEM Strategies Have to Offer

Commonly referred to as PPC/Pay-Per-Click (the total price is based on the number of users that clicked on your ad), these campaigns strive to meet the same goals as our SEO efforts: making your website more visible on search engines like Google or Bing and, in turn, easing in and increasing the number of conversions (from visitors to customers).

PPC Campaigns Offer Quick and Measurable Results in Real Time

Need fast results? Want to promote a seasonal rebate or a new product? Or maybe you would like to mark the launch of a store? Vortex Solution’s SEM campaigns will help you reach your target audience quickly and effectively.

Table of the main rates analyzed during campaigns

Google Ads: Uncover the Power of this Tool

A Google Ads campaign allows you to target some of the keywords used specifically in your industry by people who are looking for a product or service on Google. The ads will have to feature these keywords in a limited number of characters, providing users with the information they need in a catchy language and in a clear and concise manner. As certified Google partners, we are highly qualified to run successful PPC campaigns (pay-per-click). Our web performance department relies on 12 certified Google specialists to do the following:

  • the market analysis and the analysis of the competition
  • the search for relevant keywords
  • the writing of effective and targeted Google Ads ads
  • the launch of a small or large-scale SEM campaign
  • a sound return on investment analysis
  • and much more

With our SEM campaigns, you will get more traffic on your website faster, drive more sales, and increase your visibility. Combined with long-term SEO campaigns, they will bring you the success you’re striving for in your digital endeavours!

* What is SEM?
SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, encompasses several tiers and techniques, including those considered "free" like SEO (natural referencing), and those considered "paid", such as sponsored advertising through Google Ads. But more generally speaking, SEM refers to paid campaigns.

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