Planète Vortex Solution

For years, Google has implemented a series of practices to follow in order for your site to be well referenced. Take advantage of our expertise and be where we are looking for you.

What is SEO?

Website referencing is the effort to improve the positioning of a site on search engines. This is “SEO”, Search Engine Optimization. When we talk about SEO, we usually talk about three things: optimizing the content of the site, optimizing links pointing to the site (backlinks), and optimizing technical elements. Everything is done from two perspectives: universal referencing and local referencing.

Is SEO magic?

The universe of referencing is strewn with gurus and prophets proclaiming aloud having some “magic formula”: you need such ratio for your keywords, you need a minimum of so many words per page, you must limit the number of targeted keywords to three, etc.
It is true? Yes and no.

No magic formula will get you to the first page of Google. At least not for long; Google doesn’t like anyone trying to play tricks on him. The important thing is to think about your content: what information is needed for your customers, and how can it be presented in the most elegant way? As much for your users as for Google’s robots? This is the double challenge of SEO: pleasing users as well as robots, the Google “crawlers”. Both must intuitively understand your site.

Google’s intelligence is driven by one criterion: the relevance of search results.

Analysis, the nerve of war

Any SEO effort starts with analyzing (auditing) your website. There are so many possible actions to improve your positioning and the relevance of your site that the first thing to do is to determine a clear and precise action plan. With our SEO agency, you will get a detailed audit as well as a roadmap explaining the different stages of our SEO strategy. In addition, you will have direct access to the specialist in charge of your website.

Do you want to be well positioned?

Almost all experiences on the net start with a search engine. It is imperative to be placed advantageously on Google or Bing to be successful in business. Let your customers see and find you!