Web Strategy

Planète Vortex Solution

Understanding your web investment is possible.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool allowing you to observe practically all the behaviors of the users of your Web platform. Its installation is easy and its power, practically without limit (with advanced configuration options). It is the most convincing tool to assess your return on investment: the behavior of any user can be isolated and translated into real value for your business.

The dashboard

Vortex Solution provides you with a dashboard concentrating, in real time and dynamically, data related to the performance of your web platform.


Our specialists will put in place clear action plans that are consistent with your goals. You will have access to a dashboard allowing you to monitor the performance of your campaigns. Our products are scalable: our specialists will ensure that campaigns are optimized based on their performance. It is a constant work of analysis, adjustments and follow-ups.


We work with the most popular platforms

  • Google Ads allows us to display it on its various networks (Search, Display, Video, Shopping, etc.). Your web advertising goals may also benefit from visibility on other platforms.
  • Facebook and Instagram allow you to reach users beyond the explicit requests made on Google. The targeting tools are very advanced and they make it possible to identify specific audiences. Advertising management is also done via the same interface.
  • LinkedIn is a platform of choice for high-level professional displays. It is possible to target certain people based on their field of expertise, their current job, their sector of activity. It’s a platform that benefits from being discovered.
  • Pinterest offers very attractive advertising options when it comes to presenting your products to “in-market” users. The thumbnail and catalog system allows for advertising placement rivaling DIY options offering a simple and consistent vision of your brand and its products.

Do you want to be well positioned?

Almost all experiences on the net start with a search engine. It is imperative to be placed advantageously on Google or Bing to be successful in business. Let your customers see and find you!