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As a SME, your website is one of the fundamental aspects of your marketing strategy and efforts.

Knowing that the people who visit your web platform land on it for a particular reason, you need to make sure you’re assessing their needs to be able to properly meet them. You also need to convince them that you’re able to live up to their expectations in order to accomplish your goals. Basically, your website has to raise the interest of your target audience if you want to obtain concrete and measurable results.

To meet this objective, it is necessary to seek advice from experienced professionals. Vortex Solution is THE reference point for designing your SME’s website. A poorly-designed website will not attract clients, which can be summed up in losing thousands of dollars each month. This kind of loss will be even more significant if your website is not optimized. As a consequence, a website that provides the right information is a key selling point when used accordingly with a well-targeted audience. Below, Vortex Solution has gathered some of the most important rules to follow to have a web platform that will contribute to the success of your business:

1. Understand your market and identify your target audience to achieve the expected results

Instead of rushing into creating a website, first, inquire on your target audience (geographical location, male/female, age group, etc.) Then, think of the type of feedback you wish to receive from the people who visit your website. Do you want to attract them to your company, receive calls, get information requests, or sell online? This thought process is crucial so that you can be able to focus on the design of your website according to a specific market.

2. Websites that are overly-designed diverts the attention of web users; your SME should be highlighted, not your website

Here at Vortex Solution – as a SME – we understand the needs of this kind of company on the web and we know which solution to choose to enjoy measurable success on the Internet. Through our experience, we suggest that you focus on marketing your website, not on creating an eccentric design. Your website must be pleasant to look at but it should not distract your visitors. The design has to bring them to the right place once they’ve reached your home page.

It is important to remember that a majority of web users now visit websites from their mobile phones. For this reason, web interfaces must be compatible on portable phones and tablets.

Also, keep in mind that when visitors land on your website, you have just about three seconds to grasp their attention or they will leave immediately. This is why we think you should call upon the expertise of professionals who are able to build a website that will grasp the interest of your web audience.

3. Your website should be a call to action

What do you want users to do once they have found your website? Do you want them to buy your product, contact you or subscribe to your newsletter? In order to do so, you need to explain to them what they should do next. Your content has to answer the following question: “How am I concerned by this?” The call-to-action will provide guidance as to what step to take next.

4. Get great value for money and remain within your budget for profitability

Respect your budget when having your website designed but at the same time, do your homework and make sure you receive a quality product. You will realize that at Vortex Solution, we provide the best value for money on the market that meets the needs of SMEs.

5. Have relevant content

Your clients are expecting that your website includes the latest information about your products, services, business hours, promotions, etc. Your content must meet the needs of your current customer base and potential clients and should be updated on a regular basis easily, without having to rely on a programmer. At Vortex Solution, we offer self-manageable websites for SMEs. We therefore provide you with the freedom to edit or add content.

6. Target the right people

This principle reaffirms the first rule that consists in identifying your target market. Your web strategy will lose credibility if you’re trying to please everyone who visits your website. It is better to understand your most frequent users and to focus on creating a website that will provide the best experience, a web experience that was designed with them in mind. If you try to please everyone, you will probably end up pleasing no one!

7. Avoid tinkering around

Your website is often the first point of contact between your SME and potential clients. If you don’t have any designing skills, you’re better off relying on professionals that will know how to represent you accurately. Keep in mind that first impressions are crucial. You certainly don’t want to lose potential clients because of a badly-designed website. Hire professionals such as Vortex Solution; the results will be just positive.

8. Simplicity is your best ally

At Vortex Solution, we have designed and carried out over 3,000 web projects since 1999 and we know exactly what to do so that your website is functional and profitable. Above all, we have acquired well-defined work techniques with SMEs so that their website project is enjoyable, accessible and coherent.

9. Measure the success of your web project

At Vortex Solution, we understand that the time and money invested into a project by an SME is important. We therefore have to measure the success of a website project using a number of factors:

Project performance

  • Respecting due dates
  • Respecting budgets
  • Respecting your SME’s objectives, values and vision

Technical performance

  • Percentage of deployed features
  • Uptime
  • Average response rate per page
  • Allocated processing time per feature
  • Dynamic content display
  • Browser and plug-ins compatibility

Commercial performance

  • Global traffic
  • Unique traffic
  • Bounce rate
  • Usage rate (average visit time and number of pages per visit)
  • Conversion rate per objective
  • Retention rate (average number of visits per user)
  • Reference rate (average number of references per user)
  • User satisfaction
  • Member and partner satisfaction
  • Satisfaction of other involved parties (media, employees, etc.)

Vortex Solution hopes that by sharing these nine golden rules for SMEs to have their website designed, we have provided you with essential tips to help you make your project a success. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our services.