Your Website project

Planète Vortex Solution

The Project Implementation Steps Guaranteeing Your Website’s Success

Step 1 : Clearly determine your objectives

  • In what way will your Website be useful?
  • Promote your company;
  • Acquire new clients;
  • Recruit staff;
  • Spread information;
  • Promote contests;
  • Spread news through videos/texts.

Step 2 : Identify your target audience

  • Who do you want to reach and in what language(s)?
  • Future employees;
  • Potential clients;
  • Association members;
  • Suppliers;
  • Colleagues.

Step 3: Determine the budget attributed to your Website (design and maintenance)

It is important to define your budget in advance, without forgetting to consider hosting fees.

Step 4 : Establish an efficient tree diagram

Vortex Solution can help you reach your objectives by creating architecture as well as by conducting a site audit.

Step 5: Create a layout in accordance with your objectives

Vortex Solution’s computer graphics designers worked on more than 3,000 projects to date. We believe that your Website must be aesthetically pleasing. This is a great opportunity to make a first good impression. In fact, it shows how serious you are on the Internet and gives you a certain credibility.

Step 6: Compose texts and prepare effective content with a Web semantic reviewed by Vortex Solution

When dealing with a commercial website, you need to be brief. As is the case for our clients, when you browse on the Internet, you probably want to find the right information quickly.

Step 7: Put your Website online on a Web server

Find a significant name for your Website. In fact, it is just as important as your company name. After we have verified if the name you have chosen, which is called a domain name or URL, is available, you have to register it through a registrar, like Vortex Solution. Once this is done, you can host your Website on a Web server, thus enabling Internet surfers to find it anytime.

Step 8: Make your Website known and establish its credibility

In the case of commercial Websites, the virtual world is very close to the real world. In both cases, it is imperative to establish your credibility and to present a competitive offer. The presentation of your offer is therefore very important. You will also need a good optimization strategy to get listed on search engines (Website search engine optimization), thus ensuring your Website will be easy to find.

Step 9: Build your brand image and implement it well through interaction

  • To have a stable web presence isn’t necessary enough to satisfy your web audience. Once all strategies have been set up in order to optimize access to your site, information and services, it is essential to establish a real contact with the concerned clientele.
  • To do so, several questions need to be asked: What type of audience will I have? What it is looking for and mostly, what can I offer? How often will I have the chance to interact with it? What values do I want to share with my community? Who will be responsible for maintaining its interest?
  • Everything needs to be thought out with a good strategy that sums up in a clear plan of action which draws up action guidelines that you will need to bring to your various web platforms. Help from a specialist is strongly advised, because interaction, when well coordinated, is the key to a strong reputation and appreciation.