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Google AdWords Campaign

Vortex Solution can manage your entire Adword campaign or train you to be able to manage it yourself. Our professionals perfectly master this Internet marketing tool. The process of creating a Google AdWords account is made up of the four main steps mentioned below. Scroll down this page to obtain a detailed presentation of the different steps to follow to create an account.

Vortex Solution's keyword search (pay per click) campaign and program are mainly aimed at obtaining concrete results for our clients and at putting the emphasis on specific commercial success objectives through Websites:

Minimized cost per click (CPC)
Maximized click through rate
High conversion rate
Minimized lead acquisition cost (LCA)

Step 1 : Target Your Clients
Choose among many languages and nearly 200 countries. You can also decide to present your ad to users of only certain regions or cities.
Step 2 : Création de l'annonce
Compose the text for your ad and choose the keywords that will trigger its display.
Step 3 : Identify the Costs
Choose the currency you would like to use and identify your cost per click (CPC) as well as your daily budget. Control your daily expenses, in one way like the other. No minimal budget is imposed. Step 4 : Register
In order to complete the process of creating your AdWords account, enter your email address and choose a password. When you are ready to publish your ads online, connect to your account and enter your billing information.

Step 1

Target Your Clients

Choose the Languages and Regions You Would Like to Target

Start by attributing a name to the new group of ads, then specify the languages and regions to target. Your ads will be presented to all users who chose the main languages selected. Please note that the ad will not be translated.

You can target clients by country, by region or according to a zone you delimited manually. Make your selection and click on Continue. Then, choose the target regions on the page that will appear.

Google Adwords

To target a country or a region, click on its name on the left side of the screen. Then, click on Add to move the country or region to the selection field on the right side of the screen.

The selected combination of languages and countries will determine the Internauts susceptible of seeing your ad. For example, if you target French, France and Spain, your ad will be presented to users of these two countries that chose French in their language preferences.


Step 2

Create Your Ad

  1. Compose the Text for Your Ad
    Choose a title and compose two lines of text, all of a maximum of 95 characters. The URL field to display enables the indication of the Website's URL that must appear in the AdWords ad. This URL must not exceed 35 characters. The destination URL can contain a maximum of 1024 characters and corresponds to the Web page displayed when users click on your ad.

    Google campaign

  2. Choose Your Keywords
    Each keyword must be indicated on a different line. Press on Enter on your keyboard after each keyword entered. Make sure that the words chosen precisely describe your site or product in order to guarantee the best results possible.

    Google publicity

    The Keyword Tool enables you to contemplate adding keywords you would perhaps not have thought of.

    You can create additional keyword lists or modify this list later, thus giving you the possibility of starting out with just a few keywords in order to determine their efficiency.


Step 3

Identify the Costs

  1. Choose Your Currency
    Please note that the currency chosen will be used for billing and payment. If you choose American dollars, for example, you will always be billed in American dollars and will be obligated to pay with this currency.

    Once you have chosen the currency for your account, it is no longer possible to change it. Please note that, in certain cases, the currency you choose will also have an impact on your payment options.

  2. Identify Your Maximal Cost Per Click (CPC)
    The AdWords system puts forward a maximal CPC from the keywords indicated and specifies the number of clicks and daily costs contemplated. You can accept this CPC or provide another value.
    Google Adwords Camapaign

    Click on Display the Keyword Traffic Estimator to obtain more detailed information regarding the different keywords' costs and positioning. You can also modify your maximal CPC and notice the impact of the modifications on the average position, number of clicks and cost of your ad.

  3. Identify Your Daily Budget
    Your daily budget must be the same as the amount to spend for this advertising campaign each month, divided by the number of days in the month. For example, in order to spend $3,000 (USD) during a 30 day month, your daily budget must be of $100 (USD).

    Google Montreal

    The daily budget put forward by the AdWords system is established from your targeting options and previously-recorded clicks for keywords similar to yours. This budget should help you optimize your ad's display during the course of each day. You can increase or decrease this amount according to the amount you wish to spend. Your ads' printings will be distributed accordingly during the course of the day.

    Click on Continue. You will now be able to review your selections regarding the prices and ads before reaching the end of the registration process.


Step 4


Enter the Email Address and Password You Would Like to Use for Your Account

Google PPC

Specify an email account you verify regularly, since all the information regarding your AdWords account will be sent to the address specified. You will receive updates on the functionalities, alerts regarding performances and, if you choose to receive information unrelated to your account, news bulletins.

After having entered this information, click on Create my Adwords Account to end the account creation process. You will then receive an email asking you to confirm the validity of your email address. Once this verification has been completed and you are ready to publish your ads online, connect to your account and enter your billing information. If you opt for post-payment, your ads will be published immediately after having provided us with your billing information. If you opt for pre-payment, your ads will be published immediately after having provided us with your first payment.


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