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Vortex Solution provides 2 popular methods in internet marketing.

PPC (pay-per-click) or Preferred Listing
The pricing structure used by some online channels to charge an advertiser each time a user clicks on the advertiser's ad. The amount is usually set by the advertiser, not by the channel. Also called cost-per-click (CPC).When you pay searches engines for your site to appear in designated areas when people search for certain phrases.

Search engine optimization
SEO is a proven method in naturally amplifying your online visibility in a major search engines such as Google, MSN, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves etc.

We'll apply proven strategies to:

  • Increase your website Traffic - Increase your Internet Market share
  • Build a digital Brand Awareness - Maximize your online marketing investments
  • Convert prospects to clients and raise your current sales with an internet strategy program.

Benefits and Advantages, Return on Investments, and Competitive Advantages: all words justifying the importance given to our seo services, as proposed by Inex Media.

3 standards Vortex Solution steps Internet Marketing and Search Engine Ranking
The Internet is everywhere and is the most powerful tool for building and maintain your business in advance in the market.

How visible are you?

Why aren't you found when people search for your products and services in Google, Yahoo, and MSN?

Vortex Solution search engine optimization services can help.

  1. Strategic development
    Vortex Solution that this is the solution!

    Through its vast expertise of e-commerce strategies and web positioning techniques, across different markets and in targeting your specific products and services, Vortex Solution carries out your internet business development with a very specific goal; maximize your return on investment and develop your business in accordance with your needs and aspirations.

    During the last 13 years, Vortex Solution has developed a structured methodological approach regarding its positioning techniques of internet sites. This Methodology inspired by the best approaches in the area of Internet marketing, guides and drives our team's work towards your online business success.

  2. Internet Marketing for Canadian market and Search Engine Indexing
    Vortex Solution is one of the most eminent Canadian agencies in this field.

    Your business has its place in the market, and Vortex Solution will do for you the best in order of positioning your business in the Internet Marketing. This will optimize your website at the top on the Internet, thereby helping you gain a substantial competitive edge in the target market of your products and/or services.

  3. Website positioning and search engine top ranking in Montreal and Toronto Market.
    The strategic positioning offer of Vortex Solution as a Canadian leader in Internet industry enables you to live in the first Positions in your target market on the most popular search engines such as,, and several others!

    Vortex Solution will takes care of everything: A list of the most useful keywords, but above all those most favourable for the expansion of your customer base and/or your business. The results are rapid, consistent and above all highly positive to your enterprise website.

    The positioning of an internet site by Vortex Solution for its target customers opens up several new avenues, which can lead to an alternative to, and including the relatively new but growing concept of "Pay per Click.''

    The Popularization consists in deriving benefit from steps 1 to 3 while rising your diversity of key words and enhancing your visibility on the Internet.

    After capitalizing on your gains in positioning (step 3), the return on investment for your internet business will be excellent and will remain a top-tier formula for all your endeavours to come. All you will have to do is to evaluate by how much you wish to augment the hits on your site from your potential clients and/or your eventual partners.

    Vortex Solution is not content with merely increasing your visibility. Our firm actually develops your business in order to increase your profits.

    After evaluating our service offer of Internet Marketing Services , if you are interested in pursuing business with Inex Media, we will send you references, an analysis of your current internet position, and a Proposal. We will communicate with you, in order to set up an interview, at your convenience.

    The success and the reasons our clients find themselves in the first positions and capture a large share of the internet market in their respective domains is merely based on the following facts :

    The Internet marketing of Vortex Solution at Internet business development for our clients by: optimization, indexation, positioning in target markets as well as access to marketing-oriented Internet and statistics technology.

    The Internet marketing services of Vortex Solution developed a vast network of contacts among administrators of search engines, Web hosting Companies and Domain name Registrars . We worked on 1600 projects in the last 13 years.

    Each of our clients has access to one of the best technologies of statistical servers that provides them pertinent, detailed information as to internet users surfing habits of their website. This is a very efficient tool for analysis and decision-making.

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Vortex Solution offers website design services in Montreal. Our team of 100 experts knows all there is to know about website design. When dealing with Vortex Solution, your website will be built efficiently and worry-free. We've been creating websites since 1999 and have carried out over 3000 web projects to this day. Your website design project is very important to your company's growth. Assign your website to Vortex!