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Vortex Solution Increases Your Website's Visibility!

Vortex Solution currently optimizes many websites in Quebec and throughout the world. Our team of positioning and optimization specialists can help you plan your Internet marketing strategy as well as your paid listing management. In order to be positioned adequately with Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other giants, it is imperative that the indexing of one's site be maximized. You can use two strategies to be noticed by different search engines:

Passive optimization on search engines

Professional optimization is an essential tool to ensure a good visibility of your Website.

48 Hour Optimization With Keyword Search (Pay Per Click)

Our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services

Website Optimization for Improved Website Rankings, Traffic and ROI

Directory Submission
Submitting Websites to search engine directories (as opposed to listings) is a manual, labor-intensive process. Human editors review submissions' quality and content to determine if they will be accepted in a directory. Stringent submission guidelines (and pricing, when relevant) vary between search engines. Submission volume is enormous, and editors are increasingly selective. More popular (and populated) categories are more difficult to penetrate. Directory categories and subcategories are determined prior to submission as are listing factors like regional directories, which can increase chances of acceptance. Sites in categories with relatively fewer listings are more likely to be selected. Most search engines utilize other search engines' listings, so directory submissions are made only to major search engines.

Paid Inclusion Service PPC (48 hours)
Also known as paid indexing and paid spidering, the service now exists for most search engines. Paid inclusion guarantees your site is kept in a search engine's database and is regularly indexed. The benefit of paying for inclusion is that it ensures a site's title and description are regularly updated in a search engine. Users always see the most current listing. It's also used to test titles and descriptions to see which achieve more click-through as well as for sites that tweak their HTML code to achieve a better ranking with the search engine's algorithm. A company that provides paid listing management should monitor your search engine campaign's efficiency and make adjustments to improve your results.

Paid Listing Management
Every major search engine accepts paid listings. Search engine advertising guarantees a site appears in the top results for specified search terms within a day or less of making the agreement. Costs and pricing models vary, including pay per click and pay per impression. Listings can be single or multiple URLs. Paid listings build visibility quickly, and can function as a long-term advertising option. A company that provides paid listing management should monitor your search engine campaign's efficiency and make adjustments to improve your results.

Link Building Services
Building inbound links through reciprocal link exchanges can increase traffic and improve a site's visibility in search engines by boosting link popularity. Link popularity measures how many other sites hyperlink to yours, a criterion in search engine ranking results. Quality and reputation of linking sites is a factor: a link from the New York Times scores higher than a link from a personal Web page.

"Search-friendly" Design
As experts in organic search engine optimization (SEO) and online public relations, Vortex Solution has had the resources and experience to implement a winning search marketing strategy for your business since 1999. Website design: content, navigation and meta-tags that are relevant and informative play a role in a search engine's ability to find and include a site in its listings. Frames, Java, Flash, database-driven Websites, active-server pages and CGI scripts hinder this process. A search engine-friendly design enables search engines to find information about your site quickly and effectively.

Host optimized pages
Vortex Solution provides hosting services for pages it optimizes. Traffic redirects to your site from its server. Optimization of a home page (or entire site) can be an ongoing process. Hosting on a SEO Vortex Solution's server facilitates the access to the pages in question.

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