Maintenance of your website: an investment to plan


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Website Maintenance

Maintenance of your website: an investment to plan

Your website is an important showcase for your business. To make sure this investment remains profitable, sustainable and efficient, and continues to bring you the widest possible range of customers, it is crucial to keep it up to date both on the technological and content level. This is where the concept of maintenance comes into play: it allows you to not only maintain your website so that it keeps up with the evolving trends, but it also makes sure it’s fully functional.

Have you thought about allocating part of your budget to the maintenance of your website? Here’s why you should.

Web technology: an ever-changing world

The Web is growing at a remarkable speed. Web users’ habits are changing and are continually reflecting their lifestyle. There are many examples of changes in Web technology: the introduction of responsive design, the upgrade of products and services from suppliers like Facebook and PayPal, the evolution of different browsers, etc. Not keeping up with these functional changes could penalize your website as it can drop in ranking on search engines. Business may also be affected, and your clients - who are looking for a modern web experience - could be turned off.

Staying current on trends pays off!

A website must be updated regularly, not just to comply with the requirements of new technologies: the look and design should also reflect the way the Web has evolved. A modern-looking website that demonstrates an understanding of today’s trends gives your clients confidence in your website.

Dynamic content that reflects your company’s image

In an ever-changing world like the Web, a good strategy would be to have a dynamic website. Many different web performance tactics will help you maintain a dynamic content that inspires customer curiosity, interest and loyalty. For instance, contests are proven to be effective. But there are many others: blog posts, news of your latest activities, recipes, retargeting, social network integration, etc. Everything works, as long as it’s dynamic!

Save with a bank of hours in maintenance

Whether it’s bringing changes to your website’s design, updating its content or adapting it to a new web technology, you might need to call upon Vortex Solution’s Customer Service team in the years following the launch of your website.

Our bank of hours in maintenance allows you to plan for these expenses and not to worry about this. Available on a 15-minute basis, this ensures that you pay only for the services you need. Talk with our Customer Service team today!

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