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After more than 13 years in the making, Vortex Solution is now a proud online community developer and a search engine technology builder. Vortex Solution is acknowledged as one of the best new media producers in Canada, successful viral marketers, digital media tacticians and experienced social networking consultants.

Today, Vortex Solution plays as a social media and public relations developer and marketer for progressive companies (Guzzo Cinemas, Miele, ProCycle, Just for Laughs), individuals and celebrities (Garou, Jean-Marc Chaput, Marie-Mai, Maxime Landry etc.). Whether it's to create a buzz, to host an event or to get in touch with press corps groups, Vortex Solution are influential social media consultants.

Vortex Solution also specializes in online community building, online training, online viral marketing, search engine optimization and innovative media trends.

Vortex Solution works closely with its clients in order to come up with efficient community-based online marketing solutions. Teaming up with notorious companies and organizations on the web such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, Microsoft, the Social Media Club, SEMPO, DFWIMA, Vortex Solution has proven to be a thorough online marketing consultation service that aims to define strategy, improve conversions, increase communications, build online brands and improve client relationships.

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