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Online Desjardins payment solution certified partner

As a member of the Desjardins Partnership Program, when you choose Vortex Solution for your E-commerce project to integrate online payment solutions into your Web site, you get:

  • The latest technological expertise and recognized professionalism
  • Extensive experience which results in shorter integration times
  • If your project is large enough, a project manager who ensures that schedules are respected
  • Several exclusive promotions available to certain industries

With Desjardins Online Payment Solutions, your clients can make online credit card purchases.
During the checkout process, the customer is asked to enter his credit card number in order to proceed with the transaction. Once the number is entered, the data is encoded and forwarded to the financial institution for approval. The institution instantaneously analyzes the request and forwards a decision.


  • Lets you automate certain transaction processes, e.g. pre-authorizations.
  • Offers a complete range of transactions (purchases, pre-authorizations, reimbursements, etc.).
  • Includes online deposit reports (oSIRIS).
  • Generates daily data reports by e-mail.
  • Requires only one enrolment to be able to accept VISA and MasterCard cards.


  • Reliable and effective management and administration tool that can adapt to all types of computer environment.
  • New levels of business activity generated easily and at low cost.
  • Easily accessible customer service available in both official languages.
  • A single account statement with clear and complete information.
  • Completely transparent customer experience saving the merchant any worries about card data security.
  • Reduced number of abandoned online purchases.
  • Competitive rates without any hidden fees:
    • Variable discount fees reduced as sales increase.
    • Discount rate based on net sales.
    • Integration fees well below market average.
    • Monthly fees below market average.

1) Data processing with redirection

Means that at online checkout, the Internet user is temporarily redirected to the Desjardins secure site to capture the information necessary for the transaction (credit card number, expiry date, etc.).
This formula is by far the most widely used by merchants who want to conduct e-commerce.


  • Lets you integrate online secure payment functions easily and rapidly, in an affordable and secure way, without having to take care of the management and costs of the secure payment page on your site.
  • Lets you collect your money through a transfer of funds once the online purchase has been authorized by the customer's credit card issuer.


Depending on your selection, there are 2 ways to personalize the secure payment page:

Payment page with
advanced personalization (template)

  • Allows for a completely transparent online customer experience because you create a template that will mask the Desjardins payment page.
  • Lets you keep the Desjardins payment page structure and integrate your logo and colours.

Payment page with basic personalization

  • Offers consumers a reassuring environment that features your business.

2) Data processing without redirection


  • Generally used by very big companies or by those who handle a very large number of online transactions.
  • Data is transmitted in XML format (Extensible Markup Language) from your Web server to the Desjardins secure payment server in HTTPS mode.
  • PCI-DSS certification required to ensure secure transactions.
  • No installation required on our servers.


  • Allows for a completely transparent online customer experience because the customer is not redirected to Desjardins servers.
  • Reduces the number of abandoned purchases.
  • Lets you host your own payment page, which gives you complete freedom with the page's configuration and ergonomics.
  • Provides control over all customer data.
  • Lets you develop advanced marketing strategies.

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