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Second Life and V-commerce

V-commerce on Second Life will become the new trend!

Contrary to print and classic Web, Second Life's 3D virtual environment allows different brands to showcase their products in a variety of ways. The consumer can walk around three catalogues at a time, combine items he chooses and even try them on.
That is the Second Life online buying phenomenon!

Numerous prestigious brand names are getting into 3D virtual commerce. In these companies' opinion, v-commerce will succeed to e-commerce.

Will 3D virtual commerce succeed to "simple" e-commerce?

Vortex Solution is currently in the process of building its Second Life office and plans to get on this niche to become a leader and a specialist of this new phenomenon, in order to guide Canadian companies in the exploitation of this new media. Vortex Solution will be the first Web design company in Canada to ever have its office in the Second Life world, thus developing its expertise in v-commerce, v-business and v-marketing.

It's too early for v-commerce, but why not V-marketing? Here are a few examples:

Lacoste is conducting a marketing campaign on Second Life featuring virtual models, linden dollar prices, 3D clothing custom-made for the VL, which will be destroyed at the end of the campaign. This is all pretty clever on their part. As far as ensuring a future for v-commerce, it might still be a bit early to tell. However, the time has already come for companies to explore this new medium in the fields of marketing and advertising.

Sony opens a fantastic Second Life environment.

Ben and Jerry's have their island on Second Life.

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