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Enjoy greater visibility with video marketing

In order to further increase our clients’ performance on the Web, we have added video production to our offer of service, because we understand the positive impact it can have on their business. Regardless of industry sectors, videos are a key marketing tool for anyone aiming to take up a prominent position among today’s audience. These short videos provide a unique opportunity for outreach and can be part of a strong Web strategy.

A variety of videos

For each of these video formats, a production team including a reporter, a producer and a cameraman will bring out the best in your company, capture the scale of your events and provide a modern showcase at a competitive price.

  • Corporate videos showcasing your company
  • Video coverage of a promotional event
  • Live stream of your events online

Projects Prices
Photo coverage $650
Video coverage $1,500
Video + photo coverage $1,750
Video coverage (French-English) $2,250
Video + photo coverage (French-English) $2,500

SEO strategies for far-reaching views

The great challenge for SMEs using video marketing is getting as many views as possible. With our Web performance expertise, we can position videos strategically on the Internet, improve their ranking and get your message across to your target audience.

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