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Web Calendar Module

This content management system (CMS) module enables you to insert events in a calendar on your Website and to consult them wherever you like (on your home page, on a reserved page or on many pages, in restricted areas). ?

The dates were preformatted between 1900 and 2100.

The Web Calendar Module enables you to present the events of one or many organizations. Group of events can also be created. The list of events can be consulted by day, by week, by month or by type of event. The events are divided by date and are associated with a calendar. Recurring events can be managed according to different types of periods.

You can manage your Web Calendar Module to be able to insert postdated events.

Event Content Susceptible of Appearing on Your Website's Calendar

  • a date of beginning and end of an event
  • a category, which enables a person to consult the calendar by sorting the events by category
  • a title
  • a link referring to the page containing the complete text and description of the event
  • an editable content (text, images, tables, links, etc.)
  • a publishing period of the event (onlining and offlining dates)

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