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What is a social network?

Social networks gather users around various online communities. Their main purpose is mostly to enable communication between individuals that share the same interests, activities, and hobbies. Also, social networks enable users to interact easily through online bulletin boards, sharing tools, e-mails and instant messaging. Social networks are designed to enable communication between people that share common interests while also allowing users to contact a company or a brand directly.

Today, social networks play an integral part in consumers’ consumption and browsing habits. Millions of people worldwide spend a significant amount of time on them via computers and mobile devices. Social networks – some more than others – have grown notably, driving businesses and individuals in taking them into account in their web strategies.

Here is a brief overview of the most popular social networks for which we provide a turnkey service (platform creation and customization, community management, training, interactivity analysis and reports).

    • Facebook

      Facebook is the most popular social platform among web users for exchanging. Facebook brings together individuals that share common bonds and interests and serves as a tool for sharing several types of content (text, links, pictures, videos). For businesses, Facebook offers a variety of features designed to strengthen the bond between businesses and their audience, increasing the level and number of exchanges between brands and consumers. As of today, over 1.86 billion active users (2016 statistic) are on Facebook, with 231 million from North America alone. Its possibility of use, its efficient outreach and its strong pool of interests makes Facebook a prime social network platform that allows you to reach out to an existing and active audience. With tremendous potentialities, efficient outreach and promising areas of interest, Facebook is in its prime and allows you to reach a present and active audience.

    • Twitter

      Twitter is a microblogging platform that allows users to post short messages of 140 characters. Accessible to everyone, this social network gives businesses the opportunity to quickly reach their audience on news feeds and through shared links. According to their interests, Twitter followers can see what companies, brands and/or users are up to thanks to a user-friendly and simple interface. Through hashtags, posts are divided into topics and trends that when widespread enable brands to get the recognition they are seeking. An estimated 319 million users were on Twitter in 2016.

    • YouTube

      YouTube is one of the most influential platforms for sharing. In fact, it's the number 1 entertainment-related search engine. YouTube ranks second, after Google, as users’ preferred search engine worldwide. YouTube is considered a social network because users can interact with one another by suggesting videos, commenting on various posts, etc. YouTube offers interesting features such as channels customized to reflect a company, brand or public figure’s image. The platform comes with many advantages, one of which is the visual interaction with the audience displayed in an updated and monitored setting (visuals and information).

    • LinkedIn

      LinkedIn is recommended for business purposes. Users get to create online resumes and refine their interests in terms of business opportunities, employment, and more. Users can get in touch with former work colleagues, and recommend people they had the pleasure to work with. As part of a web strategy consisting in increasing a company’s visibility and strengthening its global image, LinkedIn will help enhance the company's credentials within its area of expertise and with the business community. Another interesting feature is LinkedIn ads. This strategy can help a brand reach a network of qualified professionals and significantly increase its visibility.

    • Instagram

      Instagram is an application that allows users to take pictures and film videos, and share them with their network of followers. Users can also like and comment images that appear in their news feed. Acquired by Facebook in 2012 and offering users a broader reach, this application is characterized by its snapshot system that can create quick-to-share digital images, customized using embedded visual filters. Instagram is a popular social media tool among businesses that want to boost their base of followers, foster customer loyalty and generate more sales.

    • Pinterest

      Pinterest is a social network where users share pictures, design ideas, DIY projects, recipes, etc. found on the Internet using the "Pin it" tool. Like a billboard on which images are pinned, users can sort and classify images that grabbed their attention by pinning them on specific boards. Created by the user himself, each board includes images that can be easily found by other users in search of images related to the same subjects. Retail companies (i.e. carpet manufacturers, interior designers, woodworkers, or other) have everything to gain by creating a profile on this popular platform.

  • Snapchat

    With 158 million daily active users, Snapchat is truly the rising star of social media and the perfect way to reach people under 25. The idea is simple and clever: users share video or photo messages to which they can add drawings, words or fun filters. Snaps are ephemeral and can disappear anytime between 1-10 seconds. This popular platform offers businesses various ways to reach their audience, including temporary sponsored geofilters (for instance, for open houses, special events or other) that can yield interesting results.

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