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A new website for Giustimmo: Vortex’s digital real estate platform expands

Giustimmo is a multidisciplinary real estate company with expertise in property management, construction project and real estate investment. The firm has an interest in several properties throughout Québec, all administered by their brilliant team of local experts offering a service that stands out in the Québec real estate market. With buildings in the Montréal area, in the Eastern Townships and in Gatineau, the company wanted to have an easy-to-manage web platform to display its buildings, its apartments for rent and the projects it runs.

Vortex Solution, which has considerable web expertise in the real estate sector, obtained the mandate to design, develop and launch the new Internet website of this very dynamic group. It was a pleasure to work alongside Giustimmo to create their brand-new website in Adobe CF language using Vortex Solution’s specialized real estate content management system (CMS).

A great achievement that you can enjoy at: