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Operation Père Noël : A Wave of Generosity for Children

We are honored to spotlight the significant contribution of our client, Lassonde Inc., and all other sponsors, during the recent charity cocktail event in support of the Operation Père Noël foundation, held on November 22nd.

Lassonde’s unwavering commitment transcended the event, offering generosity and hope to thousands of children in need. Thanks to their steadfast support, the impact of this evening will be etched in memories, promising a Christmas filled with magic for many joyful young spirits. An estimated 28,000 children are expected to benefit from Operation Père Noël’s generosity this year.

The warm reception bestowed upon us by Mr. Normand Brault and Mrs. Thérèse Guillemette, the distinguished co-founders of Operation Père Noël, as well as by Mrs. Claire Bara, President of Lassonde Inc., reflected their profound benevolence towards all the attendees present at this memorable occasion.

A Chain of Generosity

We also invite you to join this beautiful chain of generosity by visiting the Operation Père Noël website (, where every gesture counts and contributes to providing an enchanted Christmas for these children.

The passionate commitment of our clients, akin to Lassonde, evokes deep emotion within us, resonating perfectly with our fundamental values as a company but also as individuals. By uniting our efforts to support such noble initiatives, we strengthen the bonds that connect us and demonstrate the positive impact generosity can have on our community, especially during this time of celebration and sharing that is Christmas.

Together, let us continue spreading the joy and magic of this festive season, and let us commit to making each Christmas an unforgettable moment for those who need it most.”