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The Groupe Lacasse launches its new website, a creation by Vortex Solution  

Vortex Solution is delighted to announce the launch of the brand-new Canadian and American version of Groupe Lacasse’s electronic catalog website. As a North American leader, Groupe Lacasse excels in the design, manufacturing, and service of a wide range of high-quality furniture for various business and institutional environments. Based in Quebec, the company employs 561 dedicated individuals. 

As a trusted partner, we have had the privilege of supporting Groupe Lacasse for over 10 years in the development of its digital strategies, both in Canada and the United States. This ongoing collaboration strengthens our commitment to excellence and demonstrates our determination to support the growth and success of Groupe Lacasse. 

Over the years, Vortex Solution has developed digital campaigns for Groupe Lacasse, aligned with their internal strategies, thereby strengthening its online presence, and amplifying its impact in the North American office furniture industry. These successful initiatives have resulted from a close and transparent collaboration between Vortex Solution and the Groupe Lacasse team.

The values that drive Groupe Lacasse resonate harmoniously with those of Vortex Solution, making this collaboration an alliance built on trust, innovation, and a constant pursuit of excellence. 

Functionality and aesthetics

Groupe Lacasse, a recognized leader in the office furniture industry, now boasts a new website combining functionality and aesthetics. This site reflects Groupe Lacasse’s forward-thinking vision and offers an immersive user experience. 

The Vortex Solution team is honored to have contributed to the realization of this exceptional project and remains committed to supporting Groupe Lacasse in its ongoing digital evolution. We are confident that this new website will further solidify Groupe Lacasse’s position as a prominent reference in its industry. 

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