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Vortex Solution creates Centre de Jardin St-Césaire’s online store

Since 2008, Centre de Jardin St-Césaire is standing out in landscaping services, by always offering a variety of products, and by protecting their products from the elements in order to always provide top-quality dry goods.

The current situation has increased the demand for garden and landscaping products. With the constraints of shopping in stores, Centre de Jardin St-Césaire wanted to update and equip itself with an online store. They entrusted Vortex Solution with the mission of building their store, connected to Canada Post’s API and an online payment gateway. It is a challenge met, Vortex Solution has been able to meet their needs by providing them with an advanced and secure website under the Adobe ColdFusion platform, which allows their customers to shop online and have their purchases delivered to their doorstep.

Thanks to Vortex Solution’s expertise in e-commerce, Centre de Jardin St-Césaire is ready for the 2021 gardening season! 

To visit Centre de Jardin St-Césaire’s new online store created by Vortex Solution, go to