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Vortex Solution designs Yvon Deschamps’ website

Vortex Solution is proud to have designed and launched Yvon Deschamps’ website. Mr. Deschamps is much more than a famous Quebecois comedian. He embodies the very essence of Quebecois culture and spirit. With his engaged humor and keen observations on society, Deschamps has left a lasting impact on entire generations. His monologues, blending humor and social critique, still resonate today. He has managed to capture Quebec’s soul by shedding light on its flaws and joys with unparalleled insight. Yvon Deschamps represents the art of laughter while provoking thought—a figure who remains an emblematic icon of Quebecois culture.


Mr. Deschamps is represented by GSI Musique, with whom Vortex Solution has collaborated for over 10 years. We have worked on various projects with the esteemed Quebecois record label, which also manages artists. Being able to offer a complete range of web solutions, we partnered with GSI Musique in achieving their successes. Specifically, we have created websites for Serge Fiori, Diane Dufresne, Riopelle Symphonique, Bébé Symphonique, Oziko and Ginette Reno.

It is an honor for Vortex Solution to contribute, in our own humble way, to the success of GSI Musique’s Quebecois artistic projects. The new Yvon Deschamps website is now live and can be visited at