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The CQCD and its ongoing commitment to supporting local purchasing.

We want to congratulate our client since 2019, the Quebec Council of Retail (CQCD), for its continuous dedication to promoting local buying! We take immense pride in our clients’ exceptional ideas, considering them as essential contributors to the well-being of the local economic community.

The upcoming Vendredi fou d’ici, scheduled for November 24, is a commendable initiative that encourages retailers to showcase thousands of certified products, thereby contributing to Quebec’s local economy.

In this partnership, Damien Silès and his entire team at CQCD, aimed at raising consumer awareness to prioritize locally made products, strengthen the bond between retailers and consumers.

We applaud CQCD for their fruitful collaboration with Les Produits du Québec and encourage all retailers to join this crucial movement to foster our local economy and showcase Quebec’s talent. Congratulations on this inspiring initiative!