Projects Planète Vortex Solution

Centraide of Greater Montreal

WordPress website creation


Design & UX, Development, Programming, Web Marketing

Mandate Objectives

The Vortex team redesigned the overall user experience from the site’s layout to its information architecture, to optimize access to the information published by Centraide. Refining content to optimize the reach, accessibility and information was an important issue. In the way of rethinking the design of Centraide’s website, the objective of the development team was therefore to put forward the impact of the Centraide of Greater Montreal, and to do so in the best possible way.


To best meet the challenges of this new site, a network for community agencies has been developed for all the actions proposed by the Centraide of Greater Montreal. For optimized access to information, an efficient search engine has been developed and to be able to offer this information to as many people as possible, a fully bilingual site has been designed. The content has been illustrated into an interactive map, compiling statistics illustrating Centraide’s impact, all the organizations identified by Centraide as well as all the targeted territories. The site provides an efficient access to information through a straightforward navigation.